About Sól Nýx Virtual Botanica LLC

First-Rate Spiritual Self-Care Specialists in Cicero

Holistic medicine is the therapy that takes care of your mind, body, and soul. It aims to achieve a balance among all the aspects of one's personality. Visit Sól Nýx Virtual Botanica LLC, a latina/black female-owned business in Cicero, to provide yourself with supplies and services to free yourself from negativity, as personal toxicity can stunt your growth and overall outlook. Contact us through our booking form today to book an appointment.

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House Cleansing Services

If you’ve not had a house cleansing before, it can seem like a bit of a mystical process. The procedure is simple, though, and nothing to be worried about. It is a non-intrusive and gentle service to lift your house's ambiance. When you call us for your house cleansing session, you will remain quietly and comfortably at peace before the practitioner starts the ritual.

Our Candles

We love candles and we love nothing more than sharing our passion and enthusiasm with our customers which has earned us a reputation for excellent service. We only use 100% organic beeswax that is sustainably harvested from bee farms. If you’re looking for a gift or are trying to create a particular mood or ambience at home our candles are a perfect go to.